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Supporting Asynchronous / Distance / Independent Learning

Posted by David Joo on 3/31/20 12:49 PM
David Joo
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In the immense plethora of emotions and things to deal with during this time, we at Knowre want to help where we can.  

Personalized learning (however you may define it) is a fundamental tenet of what we strive to accomplish through Knowre Math. Our goal is to mirror the one-on-one interaction between a student and a teacher as much as possible. 

While we know that teachers are the spoke in the wheel of a classroom, in the current landscape of asynchronous/independent/distance learning, many of Knowre Math’s core elements can help students not only in reviewing past content, but also in supporting independent learning of new material. And given these uncertain and difficult times, we’ve made Knowre Math available for free to all schools and districts in the U.S. until the end of the school year. 

Instructional Videos

Given the complexity of providing remote synchronous learning, most students will likely be engaging in asynchronous learning, meaning they will need to learn new concepts and review existing material on their own. Instructional videos are vital to this process. Knowre Math contains over 9,000 instructional videos.

Ranging on average from 1 to 5 min, the videos provide instructional support to students when a teacher may not be available. Knowre Math videos are provided at the lesson, problem/skill, and sub-skill level - should a student be struggling with a step within a problem, Knowre Math videos will support them at that individual step. These comprehensive video supports, coupled with the entire learning environment of the program, mean that students can succeed in learning new topics on their own.

Knowre Math Instructional Videos at Sub-Step

For example, we provide an instructional video at the first step of solving a long-division problem.  

Walk Me Through

Students need to be able to ask questions and receive help when they are struggling. As students learn in an asynchronous environment, it is extremely important that they have the right support when they need it, where they need it. Knowre Math has a unique support feature called the Walk Me Through, which scaffolds a problem into its steps in order to support learning and identify learning gaps.

Students struggling with new skills or old concepts generally have trouble because of learning gaps from a prior grade. Knowre Math’s Walk Me Through scaffolds the problem into its sub-steps (even if that step is several grade levels lower), all while providing data to teachers on each student’s unique learning gaps. 

Knowre Math Walk Me Through

Knowre Math’s Walk Me Through scaffolds questions to support independent student learning.

Learning Data that Informs

Independent learning demands that students struggle - that they answer a question incorrectly and then have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, retry, and succeed. As educators it’s important to understand when a student answers a question correctly, and, just as important, if they had support in doing so. To this end, teachers and administrators have access to the Knowre Success Score (KSS). The KSS shows a student’s success on a skill, lesson, chapter, or standard as a function of the support they used.

For example, if a student answered the question “x+1=10” correctly, but they watched a video on the inverse operation of adding 1 to help them get to the answer, their achievement score would be 100, but their KSS would be 90. Therefore, without having to look through each question, teachers, directly from their Knowre Math Teacher Dashboard, receive rich textured information about each student’s performance which can be used to intervene with a student and/or to create new assignments to help students improve their skills. 

Knowre Math Knowre Success Score (KSS)

The Knowre Success Score, along with the delta between a student’s achievement and their KSS, provides teachers with rich textured data about student performance.

Teachers today have an ever-growing list of responsibilities and with the current coronavirus pandemic forcing us all to simultaneously adjust our way of life, it is overwhelming for us all. We at Knowre Math are with you and are here to help in any way we can.  

Should you need any support from us to help with this transition to asynchronous/distance/independent learning, please reach out to us at

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