Personalized Math Platform Featuring:

Walk Me Through Support

When a student is engaged in a lesson and needs a hand, the personalized math instruction provided in the Walk Me Through steps in at the moment of need.

This immediate math intervention engages students when they need it the most with prompts and questions, which help them begin to solve the problem.

The Walk Me Through also collects data on each student's learning gaps and competency which helps inform the individualized math practice provided in Targeted 10 assignments.



"The Walk Me Through helps me get started with a math question I may not be 100% comfortable with" 


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How Personalized Math Learning with the Walk Me Through Works:

Inspired by the one-on-one interaction between a student and a teacher, the Walk Me Through guides students through the steps of solving a problem using an engaging process that builds competency and addresses learning gaps. As math concepts build upon each other, this focused skill development sets students up for success in lessons to come.

Educational gaps in knowledge make it difficult for students to progress to new skills. The scaffolded, personalized math practice in the Walk Me Through breaks down the steps of solving a problem so that students can address their gaps while practicing grade-level material.

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 “The Walk Me Through allows me to work on my own and feel supported, even if I get stuck”

Personalized math support for each student

Personalized math support for each student

The support in the Walk Me Through adjusts for each student based on the steps they are getting right and wrong. This interactive, scaffolded math instruction keeps students engaged and learning.

Flexible support

Flexible support for personalized math learning

Students can open and close the Walk Me Through as needed, avoiding frustration and strengthening independent problem-solving skills.

Video support

Video support

The Walk Me Through includes targeted videos, which help address and fill student learning gaps as they work on grade-level content.



Unpacking Student Agency: What It Is & What It Represents

Knowre Math is here to help unpack student agency, what it means, how it impacts learning, and the benefits and challenges when increasing student agency in the classroom.





Since Knowre Math support operates at the sub-skill level, our personalized math platform is able to continuously identify skills that are standing in the way of each student’s ongoing learning. Knowre provides in-depth insights to teachers about which questions students got wrong and the answers they submitted.

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