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Actionable Data, with the Knowre Math Teacher Dashboard

Knowre Math understands the importance of insightful, actionable data in the classroom. The Teacher Dashboard has been designed to clearly communicate student achievement at the district, school, classroom, and individual levels. Bright color coding makes it a breeze to quickly review what skills and topics need attention at the classroom level and the individual level.

Insightful, Actionable Data


Actionable data is more than a buzzword. It is a way to meaningfully track student progress. With Knowre Math, student and classroom data can be viewed at a high level, or teachers can dive deep to review granular details on a student’s achievement. The teacher dashboard has a dedicated area for insights into student learning. You can see real-time student performance on lessons, assignments, and individual standards.

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Plan Ahead and Make Adjustments Easily


Planning math lessons ahead of time is easy with the dashboard. Assign all the lessons for a unit in a matter of minutes. The time-bound data gathered from planning ahead is useful for seeing which students finished their assignments on time and when students achieved an independent problem-solving level. Knowre Math’s set-it-and-forget-it and adjust-as-needed functionality makes lesson planning a breeze—a great strategy for online, in-person, and hybrid classrooms.





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Clear Insights into what student data is really telling you can be found in a dedicated Insights tab. Here you will find answers to:

  • How active were students on the program last week?
  • What skills or lessons did my students struggle with this week?
  • Which of my students struggled the most?
  • And more!

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Summary statistics are a high-level overview of student activity. You can see how many students are active on Knowre Math, which skills they practiced, and the problems solved. Plus, gain insight into the most retried skills—ideal for assigning targeted group and individual practice.

Real-time data flows onto the Teacher Dashboard as students are practicing.

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The Knowre Success Score (KSS) provides insights on the level of understanding a student has on a topic or skill.  As students complete lessons and assignments, the Teacher Dashboard uses the KSS and the achievement score to show student progress toward independent problem solving.

Learn More About The Knowre Success Score



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Knowre Math in Action

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