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Knowre Math is a flexible, standards-aligned online math platform that can be adapted to various implementation models including math intervention, practice, open-ended student exploration and more. Teachers find creative ways to drive student engagement and achievement with built-in Knowre Math incentives.

Andrea Richardson

Knowre Math Helped Baker Prep Achieve the Highest SAT Math Score Growth in the Network


With the data on the Teacher Dashboard, Andrea and her fellow math teachers can follow up with students in areas where they used extra support.

Andrea Richardson, High school math teacher
Baker Prep – Chicago, IL

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A School-Wide Solution to Provide Individual Help for Each Student


“Lost less ground [from Covid-19] than we thought we would have”

LaTonya Mitchell, K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Director
Valdosta City Schools–Valdosta, Georgia

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Extreme Test Prep

“Students love that there is no fear in using support. There is no grade penalty for using support or a timer on assignments — truly stress-free.”

Yudenia, Secondary Math Teacher
Riviera Middle School–Miami, Florida

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"Imagine being able to differentiate to each individual student with just a few mouse clicks."

Ryan Lindahl
Glenwood Middle School–Findlay, Ohio

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Data Driven Instruction

"First and foremost Knowre Math fills my need for detailed feedback and data."

Catheryn Taylor
High School–Dallas, Texas

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Practice and Extension

"Knowre Math has helped me reached all of my math students no matter their level."

Jennifer Didech
Twin Groves Middle School–Buffalo Grove, Illinois

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Rosalind Kline Hinsdale South High School

Math Intervention

“Knowre has changed the face of Tier 2 classes across our entire district.”

Rosalind Kline
Hinsdale South High School–Darien, Illinois

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Changed Math Solutions with Just Two Months Left in the School Year

“I like it because it gave me the tools to prepare for the FSA better than other programs.” 

Student Using Knowre Math
Riviera Middle School–Miami, Florida

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It allows us to meet the individual educational needs of our students, while setting high standards.”

Jennie Roberge
Gorham Middle & High School–Gorham, New Hampshire

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Phyllis Cavallone St. Therese Chinese Catholic School

High Achievement

Knowre’s curriculum flexibility and support features are fantastic for the advanced students.

Phyllis Cavallone
St. Therese Chinese Catholic School–Chicago, Illinois

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Algebra Success

I love that with Knowre Math I have the ability, within my classroom, to differentiate at their level.

Mistie Simons
Caldwell Parish High School–Columbia, Louisiana

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Debbie Linman Mountain View

Independent Study

Using Knowre has allowed me to focus my class time on going over lesson concepts.

Debbie Linman
Mountain View–Reedley, California

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Kelly Gagnon Gorham Middle & High School

Integrated Curriculum

“My students trust that they’ll learn what they need to know from Knowre.”

Kelly Gagnon
Gorham Middle & High School–Gorham, New Hampshire

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