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Knowre Success Score

Due to the vast array of support resources available to students, it can often be difficult to identify their level of independence until assessment time and at that point, it may already be too late. With the Knowre Success Score (KSS) you don't have to remove support to get the insights you need.

The Knowre Success Score (KSS) makes it possible to gauge independence by revealing the amount of support students used to solve problems and lessons correctly. With this data, you can quickly prioritize which students and topics to focus on creating a personalized math learning experience for all.


How the Knowre Success Score Works

Step 1: Achievement

Students solve math problems

Knowre Math lessons and Targeted 10 assignments include a series of scaffolded math problems that support new skill development, address skill gaps, and allow students to work within their zone of proximal development.

Step 2: Knowre Success Score

Data updates on dashboard

Real-time data flows onto the Teacher Dashboard as students are practicing. There you can see each student's achievement score and their Knowre Success Score (KSS) which highlights students who have not yet reached an independent problem-solving level.

Step 3: Teacher Support

Teachers take action

Using the data teachers can quickly and easily assign students with follow up lessons from any of the Knowre Math curricula, identify skills for whole group reteach, focus the content of 1:1 meetings, and predict how students would do on an assessment on that topic.

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Actionable Data

The Knowre Success Score (KSS) shows the amount of support students used to solve problems. It appears with the achievement score in the Teacher Dashboard. By looking at the gap between the two scores it is possible to easily identify students who need more support or individualized math practice. Problems that were difficult for the entire class can be clearly seen from the data. Examples and practice problems for whole-class review can be pulled straight from Knowre Math, further saving time

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