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An online core supplement for Grades 1-12 helping teachers personalize learning for all students - because students don't hate math, they hate being frustrated.
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Support The Needs of All Students

You can’t be everywhere with every student all the time. Knowre Math was designed to meet students where they are with 1-on-1 support modeled after the way you do it.

Modeled after the way you do it

Instructional support at every step along the way

Knowre’s Walk Me Through provides students instructional help through videos and step-by-step guidance at each step of a problem.

Personalized learning curricula

A personalized curriculum for each student

Knowre Math's algorithmically-generated curricula provides each student with content targeted at filling their unique learning gaps.

Students who enjoy math

Students who enjoy their math experience

Knowre Math’s gamified feedback and beautiful graphics motivate students to engage with learning.

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Designed for Teachers by Teachers

Knowre Math’s Teacher Dashboard delivers actionable data and insights, access to flexible and standards-aligned curricula, and technology that actually saves you time.

Textured data that’s not just correct or incorrect

When 100% doesn’t mean 100%

The Knowre Success Score provides teachers with rich, textured data about student learning that goes far beyond correct or incorrect, because that is the space where learning truly happens.

Target student learning gaps

10 targeted questions for each student

In just 4 clicks, teachers can assign students 10 targeted math questions that are algorithmically-generated and focused directly on filling their unique learning gaps.

Rigorous standards-aligned curricula

Rigorous standards-aligned curricula

Knowre Math provides standards-based instruction for grades 1-12 with over 55,000 rigorous practice and real-world application problems.

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Strong Implementation = Better Outcomes

At Knowre Math, we understand that implementation is critical to classroom success. 
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Rigorous standards-aligned curricula


Free in-person professional development

Knowre Math will provide free in-person professional development to qualifying districts committed to implementing Knowre Math with fidelity.

Reach out to us, we'll answer


Reach out to us, we'll answer

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