KnowRe is an adaptive and personalized mathematics curriculum designed to help students achieve their full potential.

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Smart. Engaging. Powerful.

Math curriculum for the 21st century learner.

KnowRe's Common Core-aligned, classroom-ready curricula provide an enhanced, multimedia learning experience featuring topic-based lessons, step-by-step instruction, real-life applications, videos, cartoons, and much more.
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Taking personalization to the next level.

KnowRe's adaptive technology collects real-time student assessments and generates a fully personalized review to address each student's areas of weakness. No cumbersome playlists. No complicated customizations.
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Making differentiation a breeze.

Powered by the most advanced assessment engine ever, KnowRe helps math teachers stay informed about student knowledge of concepts and skills at a granular level. KnowRe makes it possible for you to differentiate your instruction to each and every student in ways never possible before.
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Build skills that lead to long-term success.

KnowRe encourages important skills like perseverance, self-motivation, and grit through gamified achievements and self-paced learning.
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Personalization is key.

How teachers are using KnowRe in the classroom

  • "KnowRe is great for reinforcing materials that students have already learned in class,
    so I will spend a class teaching a lesson,
    then have them work on KnowRe the following day..."
    -Paul Payne, Los Angeles River School
  • "We have a smart board in our room, so I will begin each class by playing
    KnowRe's lesson video on the smart board first
    and going through it with the students..."
    -Ronald Martin, Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy
  • "We have HP tablets available for use twice a week, and we are using KnowRe for the entire class period.
    If I had these tablets every day,
    we’d be doing a lot more of it."
    -Shawna Yager, Kirtland Middle School
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Education is our passion.

An Award Winning Learning App

"Best Instructional App"

First Place Winner / New York City Schools GAP APP CHALLENGE

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Engage your students
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