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Our Response to COVID-19

Posted by David Joo on 3/16/20 3:30 PM
David Joo
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New York, NY (March 16, 2020) - As a global education technology company, we at Knowre, like so many across the globe, are feeling the impact of COVID-19.  And while we know that this is a global issue, its impact is very local with school closures, difficult decisions around childcare, and changes to many of the daily activities in our lives.

Knowre’s mission is to enhance and support learning by using technology to personalize education for students.  Therefore, during this challenging time, Knowre has announced today that we will be offering Knowre Math free to all teachers, schools, and districts in the US who need additional support addressing the needs of each of their students and with distance learning during school closures.  

Knowre Math is an online core supplement for grades 1-12 that can be used on any internet connected device via a web browser or on an iPad via an app.  Knowre Math was designed to be used in classrooms to help teachers with ever increasing responsibilities, support ever increasing numbers of students.  

Knowre Math accomplishes this through features like our Walk Me Through support and Targeted 10 assignments that support independent student learning as if a teacher were working one-on-one with that student.  Additionally, rich textured data about student learning, including our proprietary Knowre Success Score, is then delivered directly to teachers via a Teacher Dashboard, which can then help to inform and differentiate instruction.  All of these features, intended to personalize learning for your students, can be used at home, or in a distance learning environment.  

Teachers, schools and districts in the US that have been impacted by the novel coronavirus can go to to learn more about Knowre Math and to sign up for full access to our service through the end of the school year.  Our team will do everything we can to support you during these unprecedented times.

View the Press Release here, and request access below

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