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New on Knowre Math (November 2020)

Posted by Bara Levitt on 11/2/20 8:43 AM
Bara Levitt

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Teacher feedback drives Knowre Math program development. These new updates reflect requests we’ve received from teachers regarding the need for additional insight into student performance on assignments. It is our goal to continuously improve the program to better meet the needs of you and your students so please don’t hesitate to send feedback our way. 

At a high level these updates will allow you to pinpoint, at the skill level, common areas of student struggle across your classes, identify students who are consistently retrying problems, and gain insight into misunderstandings by seeing students actual responses. 

Expanded Skill Level Data

We’ve significantly expanded the amount of data available on the assignment results page. In addition to seeing the % Completed and the KSS|Achvmt for each student, you now also have access to color-coded skill level data for each skill all in one place!

Within this expanded table you can also quickly identify which students have retried skills and which skills they’ve retried. Simply look for a “skill card stack” to identify retries (see image of two “stacks” below). 

We always want to encourage our students to retry skills as needed and this retry insight will help you more easily see who is doing just that so that you can praise their persistence and also dive deeply into why certain skills are taking more attempts than others.  

Ability to View the Exact Questions Students Answered

You can now click on any of the skill cards on the assignment results page in order to see exactly which question(s) your students answered and how they answered them (answer available for nearly all question types). This can be helpful when working one on one with a student to help support their individual needs and to diagnose the source of their misunderstanding. 

In addition to seeing the question and the student’s answer, you’ll also find an indication of whether or not they watched the in-question support video or used the Walk Me Through (WMT). In the example below the student did not watch the video or use the WMT. 

If a student retried the skill you’ll have the same detailed information provided for each of their most recent 6 attempts. Please note, their achievement and KSS scores for the lesson as a whole will still be based off of their latest attempt as we want to encourage students to go back and continue practicing in order to improve their skills. 

Detailed View of Targeted 10

Targeted 10 assignments are unique for each student as they are algorithmically generated based on students’ strengths and weaknesses. With this update you can now see exactly which skills each student received in their Targeted 10 with color-coded feedback and the answer they submitted for each question (answer available for most question types). 


All of this expanded data will automatically be available going forward and for all assignments you provided to your students up until today. If you are interested in seeing this detailed information for lessons your students have already completed, you'll be able to find this information on the Curriculum tab. You could also create a new assignment for those lessons on the Assignments tab. Students will not need to redo the lessons. The work they’ve already done will automatically populate onto the assignments results screen. 

If you have any questions, or want to dive into this data more deeply with a Knowre Math team member, please email us at You can also schedule a 1:1 meeting directly from your Teacher Dashboard by using the “1:1 Support” button found on the lower right hand corner of the home-screen.

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