Personalized Math Learning and Algebra Practice in High School Math Class

Caldwell Parish High School has been using the Knowre Math program to support math practice and instruction since 2015.

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Use Case

Mistie uses Knowre Math one to two periods a week with her remediation students. These students take two math classes. Their remediation class is focused on closing previous math gaps that are putting them at risk for not passing the end of course exam in Algebra 1. On Knowre Math days students get started on Knowre Math as soon as they enter the classroom. Their lesson assignments are focused on revisiting skills that they have worked on before in order to provide important and needed skill refreshment and review.


What need does Knowre Math fill/address in your classroom?

In the state of Louisiana students who do not pass the state test in 8th grade are placed into remediation math. The goal of the remediation math class is to remediate and narrow the gaps in knowledge so that students are more likely to pass the end of course exam in 9th grade Algebra 1. Students who are unable to pass the end of course exam do not pass their Algebra 1 class. This is a new and stressful requirement for students who have previously been able to progress to the next grade level no matter their test outcomes. 

Ideally these classes would be around 10 students, but they are greater than 20 which makes it difficult to meet each students’ individual needs and math level. Additionally, the needs of the students in the remediation class varies widely. We have students who missed the satisfactory level on their 8th grade test by 1 point and those who missed it by 30+ points all in the same class. 

Using Knowre Math helps me address student learning gaps through skill review. I am able to choose the lessons that I need from any of the Knowre Math curricula in order to provide my students with the right content. Since the program includes both instructional videos and step-by-step help students are able to get the support they need at their level. 

How is Knowre Math implemented in your classroom?

My students have two periods of math everyday. During their remediation class with me we are focused on complementing the work taking place in my student’s primary Algebra 1 class. I actually help co-teach one of the Algebra 1 classes for one hour a day. Being in the class means that I know where the class is in terms of the curriculum and am also well informed my student’s grades and test scores. 

We use Knowre Math in my remediation class 1-2 times a week. The class meets four days a week. On Knowre Math days students come in and go straight to the program. Their assignment for the day is written on the board so they always know exactly where to start. I choose lessons that relate to skills they have worked on before. This helps to provide important and needed skill refreshment and review. On the other two days we work on timely topics from their primary Springboard curriculum.

What has been the classwide and individual impact of Knowre Math in your classroom?

One thing I love about Knowre Math is the flexibility and comprehensive content. For example, when it came to slope, I had some students who understood it really well and others who needed a lot of help. In this instance I assigned some students slope content from the Algebra 1 curriculum and others slope content from the Pre Algebra curriculum. I love that with Knowre Math I have that ability, within my classroom, to differentiate at their level. 

Are there any students that have thrived with Knowre Math in particular? 

My son is one example of a student who has done really well with Knowre Math. At first he found the program frustrating because it was on the computer. My son and his classmates generally came in disliking math on the computer because they used computer based math learning programs so much in middle school due to teacher turnover. Once he got into Knowre Math and began working through some of it, it began to make more sense to him. He used to be on Khan Academy, but felt that Knowre Math explained the topics a lot better and gives more of the step-by-step processes.

I love that with Knowre Math I have the ability, within my classroom, to differentiate at their level.

Mistie Simons, Secondary Math and Special Education Teacher, Caldwell Parish High School

Caldwell Parish High School Quick Facts

    • Location: Columbia, LA
    • 9-12 Public School
    • 436 Students

Computing Capacity

    • 1:1 Chromebooks

Knowre Math Implementation

    • Remediation and Review

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