Middle School Math Success Story of
Resilience and Confidence

Students at Gorham Middle High School began using Knowre Math in the 2016-2017 school year.

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Use Case

Each day students have math for one and a half hours. The class period looks different for different students. Some students receive guided instruction and others use the videos in the Knowre Math program to learn new content. Students can also use summative mastery check assessments to skip through a unit. As needed, students seek help from Jennie. When a student has completed a section on Knowre Math, Jennie checks their scores. These scores are entered into the grade book, but students are always encouraged to continue working for an improved grade.

As the school has moved to remote and hybrid learning models Knowre Math has been used consistently and has been credited with making the transition seamless for both teachers and students.

Assessment Information

Gorham Middle High School tracks students growth using the NWEA MAP benchmark assessment. In the fall of 2019, incoming 6th grade math students' MAP scores met the national average. In grades 7-10, Gorham’s average NWEA scores for math have been consistently above the national average. Math PSAT and SAT scores in the spring of 2019 were also both above average at the state and national levels. 

Overall, for the year 2018-2019, Gorham was ranked the #1 high school in the North Country and #13 in the state of New Hampshire.


What need does Knowre Math fill/address in your classroom?

In my class, students have access to a variety of learning models. They are able to receive direct instruction through note-taking and a guided student workbook. They can receive guided practice with a teacher or a paraprofessional. However, they are also able to move through the curriculum without receiving direct instruction if they already mastered the material.

The Knowre Math tutorials, videos, and examples makes this differentiation possible. We have worked to set a minimum pace for students to move through the curriculum. However, students are not held back and can move at a faster pace, demonstrating mastery along the way. This allows students to work in a heterogenous-grouped classroom without being targeted into a specific learning style or learning level. Using a growth mindset, students are encouraged to fully participate in their education and grow in the learning process.  

Another point to add is that students are encouraged to work towards mastery. If students want to increase their understanding on a particular topic, they can increase their grade on any assignment until the close of quarters. Knowre Math helps with the complexity of this because the program saves all student progress and has an easy-to-use reporting system.

What has been the classwide impact of Knowre Math in your classroom?

Students have demonstrated a better ability to approach problems independently and to use their resources to produce a solution. Knowre Math helps students develop resilience in their learning, providing a way for students to seek reinforcement and venture to more challenging problems. Knowre Math has allowed all learners to feel successful in the math program by providing the needed support. This, in turn, increases student confidence in their abilities.

I find that my students are now less inclined to give up knowing that they are provided with a variety of avenues for support and success. Knowre Math has helped to provide a flow in the classroom, making math more meaningful and accessible.

Knowre Math has been a wonderful learning tool for remote learning. The students are
able to transition easily in and out of remote learning using Knowre Math and I am able to easily assess their learning and give meaningful assignments.

Are there any students who have thrived with Knowre Math in particular? 

A student that comes to mind is one that started her high school math career in the 8th grade. She was an independent worker, knowing when she needed notes and guidance and when she didn’t. However, she was looking for another avenue that provided her more meaningful and challenging problems. When she was introduced to the Knowre Math program, she felt that her needs were met. She was a student who liked to continue work outside of the classroom and would often use the Knowre Math tutorials for reinforcement.

She is in a class with students working on Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. She is a sophomore student who will soon be enrolled in a Precalculus course. She will have a few weeks when she is not enrolled in a specific math course. During this time she will extend her learning as well as prepare for the SATs by reviewing and completing additional Algebra 2 work on the Knowre Math program. Her goal is to take the SAT a year early, hoping to give her a more competitive edge in the college process.

My daughter also used the Knowre Math program in her high school math courses and attributes it to her excellent SAT math outcomes. Based on her positive experience with Knowre Math, she was adamant that I continue using the program with all of my math students. 

How would you describe the Knowre Math program and its impact on your students to a fellow teacher?

The Knowre Math program has been an integral educational tool for our high school. It allows us to meet the individual educational needs of our students, while setting high standards. With the Knowre Math program students have access to individual support and can move at a pace that best meets their educational goals. Students have used the program to reinforce understanding and build content mastery. Most importantly the Knowre Math program has helped our school create a learning environment that builds student mathematical resilience and confidence in their ability to succeed.

The Knowre Math program has helped our school create a learning environment that builds student mathematical resilience and confidence in their ability to succeed.

Jennie Roberge, Secondary Math Teacher, Gorham Middle High School

Gorham Middle High School Quick Facts

    • Location: Gorham, NH
    • 6-12 Public School
    • 236 students

Computing Capacity 

    • Chromebooks

Knowre Math Implementation

    • Primary Supplement for Mastery Based Learning Model

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