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Knowre Math, Problem Solved

Knowre Math is a 1st through 12th grade, standards aligned, online core supplement that identifies and addresses each student's individual learning gaps through Knowre's proprietary Walk Me Through technology, personalized curricula, and continuous assessment.  

Knowre Math supports teachers by seamlessly integrating into the classroom to provide actionable data on skill mastery and learning gaps across curricula, classrooms and individual students.  

Knowre believes that all students can be successful -- that students don't hate math, they hate being frustrated. We're here to change that.

Designed For Math Teachers By Math Teachers

Modeled after the way you do it

Modeled after the way you do it

Knowre Math provides student support modeled after the one-on-one interaction between students and teachers - support to the student when they need it, where they need it.

Actionable data

Data that is actually actionable

Knowre Math's Teacher Dashboard provides rich, textured insights on student learning across curriculum, classroom and students, such as the Knowre Success Score, which measures student achievement as a function of the support they utilized.

Standards-aligned curricula

Standards-aligned curricula

Knowre Math curricula are standards-aligned, with the flexibility to integrate with a variety of text-based curriculum. Designed by experienced teachers, focused on critical thinking skills and student learning.  

Scaffolded Student Support That's Personalized


Each of Knowre Math's 7,250+ skills include instructional videos, along with personalized, scaffolded support in the form of Knowre's Walk Me Through technology, which supports student learning by having them actively demonstrate concept knowledge rather than read passive hints.  

Student Learning Data That Informs Instruction

Knowre Math Teacher DashboardThe Knowre Success Score measures student achievement as a function of the support a student utilized, providing teachers with rich, textured data about students that goes far beyond correct or incorrect.  

Knowre Math Teacher Dashboard AssignmentsKnowre Math's Teacher Dashboard allows educators to see data across curriculum, classroom, and student. Teachers can then assign Lesson or algorithmically generated Review problems for individuals or groups of students within a classroom.  

Online Core Supplement for Grades 1-12


Knowre Math's flexibility to be used as a core or supplemental curriculum is supported by a wide swath of question types across practice and critical-thinking application questions and rigorous standards-aligned content developed by teachers for teachers. 


Building Self-Efficacy and Fostering Student Agency

Knowre Math is a beautifully designed and engaging digital learning environment with the goal of building self-efficacy and fostering agency within students.  

Knowre Math Student Agency
Knowre Math Student Rewards

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