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With school closures occurring around the US due to the novel coronavirus, Knowre is offering Knowre Math for free to all districts who need additional support addressing the needs of their teachers and students for the rest of the school year.

Knowre Math is an online core supplement for grades 1-12 that can be set up in minutes. Knowre Math's instructional videos and supported math content allow students to learn new concepts and review skills independently, while providing teachers with simple assignment functionality and actionable data.

Just as you support your teachers, our team will do everything we can to support you during these unprecedented times.

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Support for your Students and your Teachers


Knowre Math's Walk Me Through is an interactive support option that guides students through the steps of solving a problem just as the teacher would if the student was sitting in their classroom. Lesson and skill videos further support each student's ability to work independently and learn new skills.

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As students work from their homes, both you and your teachers will have real-time insight into how they are doing. The Assignment feature also makes it easy to pre-assign lessons so students always know what they are supposed to be working on.

Knowre Math Dashboard Assignments

Teachers Can Assign Students with Lessons and

Personalized Curricula with No Training Needed

Knowre Math personalized for each student

Personalized for each student

Knowre Math's algorithmically-generated Targeted 10 assignments provide each student with content targeted at filling their unique learning gaps.

Knowre Math rigorous standards-aligned curricula

Rigorous standards-aligned curricula

Knowre Math provides standards-based instruction for grades 1-12 with over 55,000 rigorous practice and real-world application problems.

Knowre Math unparalleled implementation support

We are here to help

You can always reach us at We pride ourselves on being fast to reply. Live chat is also available during weekday business hours. 

Our COVID-19 Offer Has Ended

However, sign up for free 30 day access below.

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