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When Achievement Matters

Knowre Math is an online core supplement for grades 1-12 that supports educators and students on the continuum of remediation through enrichment. Using a proprietary algorithm, Knowre Math finds and fills learning gaps, all while providing the needed data and guidance.

Knowre Math can be implemented within a variety of instructional models including in-person, distance, and hybrid learning.

Our team will do everything we can to support you and your students as schools reopen and learning continues.

Knowre Math Access

Assign Lessons and Personalized Curricula With One Click

Knowre Math personalized for each student

Personalized for each student

Knowre Math's algorithmically-generated Targeted 10 assignments provide each student with content targeted at filling their unique learning gaps.

Knowre Math rigorous standards-aligned curricula

Rigorous standards-aligned curricula

Knowre Math provides standards-based instruction for grades 1-12 with over 67,000 rigorous practice and real-world application problems.

Knowre Math unparalleled implementation support

We are here to help

You can always reach us at Customer Service and Support are paramount to us, we are here to help you and your students be successful.

Support For Asynchronous Learning


When a student needs help, Knowre Math's Walk Me Through supports them through the steps of solving a problem, just as you would.

Targeted instructional videos further support student's ability to work and learn independently.

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Whether students are at home or in the classroom, you will have real-time insight and data into how they are doing.

You can also pre-assign lessons so students always know what they are supposed to work on. 

Knowre Math Dashboard Assignments

Free 30 Day Access to Knowre Math

  • Sign up to receive free 30 day access to Knowre Math for you and your students.
  • We will email you an access code within one business day that will allow you and your colleagues to sign up. We will also follow up with helpful support resources throughout your access period.