Knowre Math Support

Introduction to Knowre Math

Introductory resources for sharing the program with students and parents.

Overview of the Knowre Math Program for Teachers

Click here to access the complete Knowre Math User Guide. 

Welcome to Knowre Math for Elementary Students


Welcome to Knowre Math for Middle and High School Students


Welcome to Knowre Math for Parents and Caregivers




User Guides, Scope and Sequence and FAQs

Helpful resources for administrators and teachers including getting started guides, scope and sequence documentation, and FAQs.

Administrator Getting Started Guide

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Teacher and Student Signup

How to sign up for Knowre Math.

Teacher Signup Process


Clever Signup Process (Students)


Bulk Upload Student Signup Process

Bulk Upload for New Student Accounts 

We can create your students’ Knowre Math accounts through a bulk upload. Accounts are typically ready for use within 36 hours. 


**This is available for any sign in method except Clever. If your school uses Clever, please email so we can help you directly. 


Step 1: Fill out this file

  • Note on Class Code (column G) 
    • Class codes are generated when teachers create classes on their Teacher Dashboard. Once a class is created the code will appear in the upper right hand corner of each class’ page.
    • In instances where there is only one math class, all students can be signed up with that one code. If a teacher has multiple classes, it is important that the correct code is indicated for each student. 

Step 2: Send the completed file, saved as a csv with your school’s name, as an attachment to

Step 3: Receive a notification from Knowre that the accounts have been created.

Student Signup and Login Process


Google Signup Process (Students)


Manual Signup Process (Students)




Creating and Editing Classes and Students.

How to create and edit classes and students.

Class Creation
Adding, Dropping and Deleting Students from Knowre Math Classes


How to Change First and Last Name


Providing Students with Access to Multiple Curricula




The Teacher Dashboard

Deep dive into the different components of the Knowre Math Teacher Dashboard.

Students Tab


Standards Tab


Insights Tab


Curriculum Tab


Assignments Tab


Editing Assignments




Knowre Math Features

See examples and learn more about Knowre Math's unique features.

Ready? Check. Go!


Knowre Success Score (KSS)


Student Self-Directed Practice


Walk Me Through


Coins and Stars