Frequently Asked Questions

Knowre Math Implementation

Learn more below on initial setup and best practices for both students and teachers.

What is the easiest way to get students signed up?

The easiest option for student sign up is likely the option that you and your students are most familiar with.

There are 5 options for student sign up:

  • Bulk Upload
  • Sign up with Google
  • Sign up with Clever
  • Sign up with Username/Password
  • Teacher created student accounts

For each sign up option you will first need to create classes on your Teacher Dashboard. Each class has a unique code that will be used if students are signing up for their own accounts.

After the class is created, use the "Add Students" button to add existing students, or to create new student accounts on behalf of your students.


Can students learn new topics on their own with Knowre Math?

Yes. Knowre Math lessons include instructional videos, as well as skill specific videos embedded on question pages. These videos, combined with our step-by-step Walk me Through, support students as they learn new topics on their own. 

How can I preview lesson assignments?

To preview lesson assignments, click on the "Student App" button which is located at the top middle of your Teacher Dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 7.54.46 AM

By clicking on this button you will open up the student facing program in another tab of your web browser. From there you can navigate to the curriculum of your choice and enter into any lesson. 

As a teacher you can hop around between questions in any order. Please note, students must work through each lesson question in order from beginning to end. This is because the lesson is intentionally sequenced and scaffolded. 

How much Knowre Math should I assign?

The answer to this question largely depends on the guidelines from your school, but we do not recommend assigning more than 2 lessons per due date. By spreading out assignments among different due dates students are better able to pace out their work and accomplish what has been assigned to them.

Knowre Math for review: on average a Knowre Math lesson which is assigned to students as review will take approximately 25-30 minutes. 

Knowre Math to learn new topics: 0n average, a Knowre Math lesson which is assigned to students in order to introduce them to a new topic will take approximately 35-45 minutes. This is because when topics are new students will be watching more videos and will be spending more time engaging with in-question supports and the try again option.

The exceptions to this are Algebra 1 and Geometry. In these curricula lessons on new topics will likely take students 50-60 minutes since this curriculum has more questions on average per lesson.

Is the Knowre Math program aligned to standards?

Yes. You an find detailed scope and sequence documentation which includes standards alignment at this link:

You'll also have a standard's specific tab on your Knowre Math Teacher Dashboard which allows you to focus on and monitor student progress towards each standard.

Can my students work in more than one curriculum at a time?


You have two options:

Option 1. Use the Assignments tab to create an assignment from any curriculum in the Knowre Math program. Use the dropdown to switch between curricula.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 12.51.47 PM

In this first option it will be hard for students to tell which curriculum they are working on when a curriculum other than their primary curriculum has been selected. This can be helpful when you need to assign students with content that is below their grade level. 

Option 2. Create a new class on your Teacher Dashboard linked to that additional curricula.

  • Step 1: Create a new class on your Teacher Dashboard. Select the additional curriculum you would like your student(s) to access.
  • Step 2: After the class is created, select "Add Existing Students." 
  • Step 3: Select the check box next to each student you would like to add to this new class. They will still remain in their other classes as well. Once your students have been selected, click "Add Student(s)."

That's it!

When your student logs in to the program they will see multiple curricula listed at the top of their screen.

How much caregiver/parent support will be needed?

The Knowre Math program has been designed to support independent student work. Lessons and questions are supported with instructional videos, interactive step-by-step support (Walk me Through) and real-time feedback.

The student program interface is very intuitive and students tend to need little to no instruction on how to use it. As with math work generally, students may still have questions and will always benefit from encouragement from teachers/caregivers/parents especially as they learn new topics on their own.

What technology do students need to access Knowre Math from home?

Knowre Math is available through the web on desktop, laptop and Chromebook devices.

The program is also available as an App on the iPad. Search for "Knowre Math" in the Apple App Store.

The program will not work on a cell phone due to its limited screen size.

Can someone help me with implementation?
Absolutely! Email or call (267) 272-0555 for support. No question is too big or too small.
How can I monitor student work?

Lesson assignments are often the best way to both communicate with students about their Knowre Math work for each day and also monitor that work.

Set up an assignment with a due date and time that reflects the class period. When you visit this page, or refresh it, you’ll be able to see student progress towards completion in the completion column.

You can also use the time filtering option on the Students tab in order to zoom in on student work during the time period of your choice.

What does the KSS value represent and how should it be interpreted?

The KSS (or Knowre Success Score) is a value that takes into account whether an answer was right or wrong AND the amount of support (video and/or Walk Me Through) that was used. KSS can be viewed for each individual student as well as for each class. A lower KSS means that students are utilizing support more frequently in order to get to the right answer.

As students strengthen their math skills and utilize less support to answer questions, the KSS for both individual students and the class will increase. Though students do not see their KSS, they are provided with data that clearly highlights which skills they need to continue working on based on the amount of support they needed to come to the answer. 

We recommend that you pay attention to the difference between the KSS and Achievement Score. A low KSS matched with a high Achievement Score means students have to improve in those skills to solve questions more independently.

How can I use Knowre Math with Google Classroom?

Students can sign up and log in using their Google Classroom usernames. This means that students will not need to remember another username and password and can simply click "Login with Google" anytime they want to work in Knowre Math.

We recommend linking students directly to from their Google Classroom pages. You can list the lessons they are to complete right on your Google Classroom pages, or you can assign the work in the Assignments tab of your Teacher Dashboard. 

Please note, students will need a class code to "Login with Google" the first time. You can not automatically create their accounts through your Google Classroom account. 




Knowre Math as Students Experience it

Learn more below on how students interact with Knowre Math and how different aspects of Knowre Math contribute towards student success.

What happens when a student clicks "Try Again? after solving a question?"
When students click “Try Again”, they will receive another question focused on the same skill. The question will change between 5 and 10 times before students see the exact same question again.
How do students earn coins?

A student earns 1 coin when they answer a skill correctly. For each skill (problem card) in a lesson students can earn a maximum of 1 coin, though they can continue practicing the skill as many times as they would like by selecting the retry button and receiving a new question.

Students are also able to earn coin bonuses. A 10 coin bonus is awarded when a student has earned 3 stars. Students will also earn bonus coins when they answer 3 or more questions correctly in a row (this does not include question retries). The number of coins they earn will be equal to the number of questions in a row that they’ve answered correctly (ie. 4 question correctly in a row equals 4 coins).

What is the difference between a square check box and a circular answer box?

Circular answer buttons are for multiple choice questions where students can only choose one answer.

Square check boxes appear for select all that apply questions where students can choose as many answers as needed to correctly answer the question.

How do students enter answers on the Knowre Math iPad App?

To answer open-ended questions on the iPad (questions that have a blank box for the answer), students must first tap on the answer box near the question to open the handwriting area.

The handwriting area will display at the bottom on the screen, and this is where students can hand write their answers. Students should pay attention to the above answer box to ensure it is appearing correctly. Stylus pens can be used to help with accuracy.

What answer formats are accepted by Knowre Math?

Generally, all answers should be simplified and reflect the same format as the question. However, we don’t expect students to simplify expressions until we have taught them how to do so.

For students at the 5th grade level and below, Knowre Math will specify when to simplify their answers. Rounded answers should only be entered when requested, and when rounding, students should only round their final answer.

How do students earn stars?

As students progress through lessons, they earn stars from correct answers as well as the amount of support they utilized. More correct answers and less support means more stars.

Our goal is not to dissuade students from using support, the exact opposite in fact, which is why students can earn a coin even when utilizing support. The stars are designed to help students identify skills where they need additional practice.

Why do the Grade 4 and Algebra 1 curriculum look visually different from the other curricula?

The Grade 4 and Algebra 1 curriculum feature a new map interface.

Let us know what you think of it by emailing



What types of problems will students be working on in Knowre Math?

Students will practice their math skills through practice questions (direct skill-based questions) and application questions (word problems).

Many of the questions require students to enter their answer in a box. Other answer types include drag and drop, graphing, yes/no, fill in the table, selecting from a dropdown menu, and more. 



Technical and Administrative

Learn more below on technical definitions, requirements, and troubleshooting when implementing Knowre Math.

Why can't my student enter an answer?

Often answer entering issues are rooted in browser zoom settings. Please make sure your web browser is set to 100% zoom. If that doesn’t do the trick, email right away and we will make sure it is fixed.

Help! I forgot my password.

Email and we will happily reset it for you.

There is also a "Forgot Password" option underneath the Log In button on

Where can I find a student’s username?

You can find a student’s username by clicking on the three vertical dots next to their name on the Students view of your Teacher Dashboard.

Student Username Knowre Math

What does it mean when completion is less than 100% for a standard?

The standard will only be indicated as 100% complete if the student has answered every question for every lesson that is aligned to that standard. Aligned lessons are always listed at the top of the screen when you click into one of the standards cards.

What are the Knowre Math tech requirements?

Knowre Math on the Web

Device Browser
Laptop Chrome
Desktop Chome
Chromebook Chrome


Knowre Math on the iPad


Search “Knowre Math” in the Apple App Store; iOS 11 or greater

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, click on the menu in the upper right-hand corner (the downward arrow next to your name). Select “Change Password” from the dropdown menu and complete the form.

Change Password Knowre Math

Where can I find a student’s password?

You can find a student’s password by clicking on the three vertical dots next to their name on the Students view of your Teacher Dashboard.

Student Password Knowre Math

How do I remove a student from my class or delete them from the program?

To remove a student from a class:

1. Click on the three vertical dots which are next to their name on your Students tab and then select "Modify Account Status."

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 9.56.00 AM

2. Select "Modify Account Status"

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.44.50 AM

3. Choose the option that you need and then click "Done." Please be careful with the delete option as it can not be undone. Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 8.47.00 AM



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