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The Launch of Knowre Math is Here!

Posted by David Joo on 8/12/19 7:30 AM
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New York, NY (August 12, 2019) – Knowre, an award-winning education technology company that builds personalized learning products and technology for students around the globe, today officially announced the launch of Knowre Math, a Grade 1–12 online core supplement for schools and districts. Knowre partners with schools and districts to bring Knowre Math to classrooms, with the goal of ensuring all students are successful.

New to Knowre Math is the Knowre Success Score, which measures student achievement as a function of the support a student utilized, providing teachers with rich, textured data about student learning that goes far beyond correct or incorrect. The Knowre Success Score is just one of many new features within Knowre Math’s Teacher Dashboard, which offers educators comprehensive and, most importantly, actionable data about student learning at the curriculum, classroom, and individual student level.

“Knowre Math’s goal is to help teachers build self-efficacy and agency within students,” said David Joo, Co-CEO of Knowre. “Knowre Math integrates seamlessly into classrooms to help students by modeling the one-on-one interaction between a teacher and a student in order to best support the needs of each learner.”

Expanding on Knowre’s existing standards-aligned middle and high school curricula, Knowre Math includes the release of Grades 1–6. Additionally, Knowre Math continues to feature Knowre’s proprietary Walk Me Through technology, which provides real-time scaffolded support and instruction, along with continuous assessment. Knowre’s Walk Me Through technology enables Knowre Math to identify individual learning gaps and algorithmically generate a personalized curriculum aimed at filling those gaps.

John Standal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added, “Knowre Math helps educators save time by providing actionable data to teachers and administrators. Knowre Math's flexibility allows schools to use the program in a variety of ways — from helping students remediate, all the way to providing enrichment.”

Knowre Math is now available for schools and districts. For more information, please visit to learn more and request a demo of Knowre Math.

The New Knowre Math

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Knowre is an education technology company focused on delivering personalized learning to students around the globe. Knowre’s proprietary artificial intelligence technologies uses deep learning to identify individual student learning gaps, algorithmically generate curricula and deliver interactive, scaffolded support to fill those gaps. The beautifully designed, engaging, and fun digital environment enhance student learning, while educators receive comprehensive and actionable data via the Teacher Dashboard. Knowre partners with schools, private education companies, and other corporations around the world with the goal of helping students reach their full potential.

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