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How to transition your use of Knowre Math from remote and hybrid to in-person

Posted by Bara Levitt on 3/3/21 8:53 PM
Bara Levitt

A large number of teachers began using Knowre Math for the very first time last March. That means that for many the program has only ever been used in remote or hybrid models. As schools across the country begin to shift towards more in-person learning time, you may be wondering about how best to transition your use of the Knowre Math program back into the physical classroom. 

Read on for some tips and don’t hesitate to email if you want 1:1 help making the transition. 

Keep it Consistent

Where and when possible we recommend trying to maintain as much of your previous Knowre Math routine as you can. If students were previously receiving two assignments per week, leave it that way. By maintaining consistency students are more likely to complete the work since the expectation has already been established. What may change, however, is when students are completing that work. 

Transition Usage to Homework

During remote and hybrid learning you may have been using Knowre Math in place of the lesson you would normally teach during an in-person or synchronous meeting. Now that you are back in school, consider having students complete those lessons for homework. Alternatively, you can split your class in half and have one half working on their Knowre Math lesson while the other half works with you. This is a great way to lower the student-teacher ratio, while ensuring that all students are intentionally and meaningfully occupied on standards aligned math concepts. 

Use the Data to Identify a Review Question of the Day

In most cases while the transition to in-person learning will mean more synchronous time with students, it still may be difficult to move around the desks to create small working groups, or to have students working together at all. Even though it may be difficult to physically differentiate groups for instruction, you can still use the data to identify skills/question that would benefit from reteach and review. 

To find these questions, go to the Insights tab on your Teacher Dashboard. Scroll down to the “Most Retried Skill” information (image below). Identify a skill with a high number of retries and then click on the icon on the far right side of the row in order to open up a sample problem that you can work through with your students.  

Create Targeted 10 Assignments for Bell Work

Kick off the new class period, or mark the transition to a new one (if no one is physically changing classrooms), with 10 minutes of Knowre Math. Create two Targeted 10 assignments at the beginning of each week and assign them a due date of end-of-day Friday. Each day when the class period starts students should immediately begin working on their Targeted 10 assignments. With ~12 minutes a day students should be able to complete the 20 problems across the two Targeted 10 assignments by Friday. 

When it comes to content selection for those Targeted 10 assignments consider the following options- spiral review topics, review of recently covered material, or practice on topics related to upcoming class topics.

This past year has been a teaching and learning experience like no other. If there is any way we can help make this transition easier for you please email us at

We are here to help!

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