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4 Strategies for Using Knowre Math at the End of the School Year

Posted by Bara Levitt on 3/31/21 9:38 PM
Bara Levitt

Over the course of the year most Knowre Math teachers have been using the program to provide students with additional practice on the topics they are working on in class. During the last part of the school year there are fewer topics that still need to be covered which means that use of the program can begin to shift to meet other needs and goals.

Keep reading to explore a couple of different ways to maximize Knowre Math as a resource during this end of school year time period.

Assessment Review
Knowre Math can be used in a couple of different ways as part of your pre-assessment review process. One way to use it is by assigning lessons to students which reflect key topics on your review agenda. Alternatively, you can use the Targeted 10 assignment option to provide mixed topic and spiral review.

Depending on the amount of time available, you can even assign one Targeted 10 assignment for each of the chapters of your current curriculum of focus. Even if students haven't yet completed all of the lessons they'll still be able to engage with practice questions across the selected topic areas. Both lesson and Targeted 10 assignments will give students the chance to engage with important topics they haven’t seen since earlier in the school year which make them great options for this period of time.

Previewing Next Year’s Math Content
 After year end assessments Knowre Math can be used to provide students with opportunities to begin working on their upcoming math courses. As the year begins to draw to a close it can be fun and exciting for students to preview what is coming next.  All you need to do is create another class on your Teacher Dashboard and select your students’ upcoming math course. You can then assign lessons or just have students start at the first lesson of chapter 1. If students have not been using the instructional videos found in each lesson up until this point, you’ll want to make sure to encourage them to do so as they will be engaging with new topics for the first time.

Student Created Assignments
You can check out a full blog post on this here, but the core idea is to empower students to make choices about their learning based on the data they have available. Pick a week (or two) and let students know they are going to set their own Knowre Math assignments, but that they’ll need to tell you what it is and why they chose it ahead of time.

Once students have completed their assignments check back in with them to hear how it went, whether or not they would be interested in creating their own assignment it again and how’d they change the assignment for the next time. In addition to switching things up, which can help with student engagement, this activity and conversation may reveal a lot about how your students are currently feeling and thinking about their math skills.

Coin and Star Challenges
In each of your classes on your Teacher Dashboard you are able to find the class total for coins and stars earned. Share the current total with students, as well as a target number that students are being challenged to meet by a specific date. You can also decide on that target number with students to help with buy-in. Once the goal has been set tie it to a fun class-wide incentive and set students off to earn coins and stars. We’ve heard from many teachers that students have a lot of fun with this and often earn many more coins and stars than the teacher would have expected.

Have another way that you like to use Knowre Math at the end of the school year? Send us an email at and we’ll share your idea with other teachers so that they can benefit from your experience and guidance.

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