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Posted by David Joo on 7/30/19 10:38 AM
David Joo
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As an education technology company, we work diligently to create innovative and supportive products to help students learn and teachers teach. From our “Walk Me Through” technology to our personalized recommendation algorithm, Knowre develops features to support student learning in order to promote self-efficacy and student agency. We believe that all students can be successful - that students don’t hate math, they hate being frustrated. If teachers had the luxury of working one-on-one with all students all the time, students would receive the support we know they need and deserve. 

Unfortunately, a teacher cannot possibly provide this amount of support to each and every student. Hence, Knowre’s goal is to build digital products that closely model the ideal one-on-one interactions between teachers and students. The reality, though, is that no matter how sophisticated, innovative, or well-designed Knowre Math is, the most important feature, the thing that impacts student learning the most, is the teacher that uses it. 

When I was in 2nd grade, I was in a car accident that hospitalized me for over two weeks. During that time, I had the doctors and nurses teach me about all of the bones and muscles in the body, which began my path of wanting to be an orthopedic surgeon, which circuitously lead me to edtech. Teachers are in many ways doctors, but rather than Medical Doctors, Knowledge Doctors. In order to deliver the right learning and knowledge to each student, a clear and continuous diagnosis of each individual must occur, an insightful and data-driven analysis must ensue, and the results can then be used to prescribe unique content tailored to each student’s needs. 

While academic learning and knowledge acquisition is at the bedrock of education, life has become much more complicated. Knowledge Doctors now do so much more than just imparting knowledge to students as a sage on the stage. In developing a whole child, we now have to focus on both the academic and social-emotional learning of the student. With such an important responsibility, the need for a wide swath of helpful tools is critical. We know that a tool is only as good as the user that wields it, so our goal is to make Knowre Math as easy to use as a stethoscope, yet as powerful and informative as an MRI machine, all while seamlessly integrating into your classroom activities. 

Knowre’s goal is to support teachers in building successful members of humanity. All while seamlessly integrating into a teacher’s classroom activities, Knowre Math helps take the arduous task of diagnosing every student, across classroom and curriculum, and delivering to teachers actionable data that informs instructional and curricular prescriptions. Teachers (a.k.a Knowledge Doctors) make that happen - teachers change students’ lives. Knowre Math is excited to be a part of this journey with you.

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