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Posted by Bara Levitt on 8/12/19 11:00 AM
Bara Levitt

Knowre is excited to introduce the new Knowre Math!

Knowre Math is an online core supplement for Grades 1-12 that identifies and addresses individual learning gaps, helping teachers personalize learning for all their students.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect when you log in. We are thrilled that we are finally able to share it with you.

Curricular Updates

New: Grades 1-6

Login New Knowre Math

The Knowre Math experience now begins at Grade 1, making it possible for the entire school to use the program to sharpen math skills through data-driven learning.

Completely Updated Curriculum for Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1

Knowre Math’s Pre-Algebra curriculum has been expanded to include geometry, statistics, and probability standards. In each Pre-Algebra lesson you will find practice and application questions. The curriculum as a whole has also been expanded to include a wider range of skills. The Algebra 1 curriculum now includes an increased number of skills, statistics, and data analysis topics.

Features for Teachers

Knowre Success Score (KSS)

The Knowre Success Score (KSS) measures student achievement as a function of the support a student utilized, providing teachers with rich, textured data about students that goes far beyond correct or incorrect. This score is a targeted way for teachers to identify students who need more practice or support. 

Enhanced Reporting

Student Dashboard Knowre Math

The brand-new Students page on the Teacher Dashboard has been redesigned to make it easier to quickly determine how each student in your class is doing overall. 

On this page, expect to find:

  • How long, on average, each student spends solving a problem 
  • The Knowre Success Score (KSS)
  • Student achievement %
  • Total problems solved
  • Information on a student’s most recent Knowre Math session, including when they were last on the program and which lesson they were last working on

Features for Students

Coins, Stars, and Bonuses!

Coins Knowre Math

When we empower students to be drivers of their own learning process, amazing things happen. We want to make sure that we are providing students with actionable insight that they can use to have conversations with their teachers and to make self-guided decisions about where they need to continue working.

We know that students LOVE to earn coins! In Knowre Math, all correct answers earn at least 1 coin. Correctly answering a question without support will earn 1 coin. Students can also earn coin bonuses for earning 3 stars on a lesson or answering more than 3 questions correctly in a row.

Stars Knowre Math

In addition to earning coins, students in Knowre Math will also be able to earn up to 3 stars for each lesson. Stars are earned by answering problems without using support. When a student sees their star total on the brand-new lesson summary page, they can easily identify the skills they need to work on to increase their star total, and their math abilities.


Reflection Knowre Math

The learning process is about much more than just getting the right answer. Student confidence and attitude towards math greatly contribute to achievement and overall well-being in math class. At the end of each lesson, students are asked to reflect on their level of confidence with the skills they just worked on. Our hope is that this question helps kick off conversations between teachers and students about how math confidence can and does change over time. 

Text-to-Speech for Grades 1 and Grade 2

Text-to-Speech Knowre Math

Students using Knowre Math curricula for Grades 1 and 2 can opt to have the questions and Walk Me Through steps read to them. As these students continue to develop their reading skills, we want to make sure they are able to focus on their math skill development and reap the benefits of all the Walk Me Through support, even if they are not yet able to decode each word.  

Want to learn more? Request a live product demonstration today to evaluate how it fits with your needs and goals.

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