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The Targeted 10: Personalized Review for Each Student in Minutes

Posted by Bara Levitt on 11/14/19 11:47 AM
Bara Levitt

What would student learning look like in your classroom if you could regularly provide each of your students with an individualized review assignment created just for them?

Now, imagine the process of creating these review assignments for each student. It’s a difficult  and time-consuming feat to say the least.

Recognizing the power of appropriately “targeted” assignments, we are excited to announce the Knowre Math Targeted 10. The Knowre Math Targeted 10 feature makes it possible for you to generate individualized review assignments for all of your students in just a couple of minutes. The Targeted 10 assignment is algorithmically-generated to focus on each student’s areas for growth within only the topic areas that you choose. 

The ongoing formative assessment embedded across the entire Knowre Math program identifies where each student is struggling and thriving and provides that specific and actionable data to both you and your students. All of that data is integrated into a powerful, proprietary algorithm that fuels Knowre Math’s Targeted 10 assignments. Within the Targeted 10, students practice at their zone of proximal development - that just-right level of challenge that encourages learning growth and development. 

The versatile and impactful Targeted 10 assignment can be implemented in a wide range of ways including: 

  • Spiral Review
  • Pre-Assessment Review
  • Personalized “done early” practice
  • Extension Practice
  • Homework
  • Warm up
  • Differentiated classwork 
  • Center station

Try the Targeted 10 assignment with your math students and make the potential of individualized review a reality in your classroom.

Want to learn more and see the Targeted 10 in action?

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