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You can now see real-time student performance by CCSS!

Posted by Bara Levitt on 2/28/20 1:15 AM
Bara Levitt

Data related to the Common Core State Standards is now available on the Knowre Math Teacher Dashboard. To access this data, click on the “CCSS” data view option (see image below).

Knowre Math CCSS

The CCSS Dashboard displays aggregated data by Standard for all of the students in your class. This is very similar in structure to the Curriculum data view, which you are likely familiar with.

Knowre Math CCSS

The color coding can be especially helpful here. Pay attention to the Standards that have orange data (such as 6.RP.2 above) since these are the Standards where your students are struggling. If you are focused on a particular Standard or domain, you can also scroll right to it in order to see an overview of how your class is doing in that area. 

Once you’ve identified a Standard of focus, click on it to open up the Standard Detail page. Here you will find a clickable list of related lessons as well as color-coded individual student data.


2 Ways to Act on This Data:

  1. Create a Lesson and/or Targeted 10 Assignment:

    • Lesson Assignment: create an assignment for your students which includes all of the lessons related to that Standard. Monitor progress on this page as students complete the assignment. Students who remain orange after the assignment are likely in need of additional practice or support.

    • Targeted 10: create a Targeted 10 assignment for your students for all of the lessons related to that Standard.

  2. Focus on reteaching and review: 

    • Reteaching: if students are struggling on a Standard, one or more of the lessons aligned to this Standard would be appropriate for either whole group or small group reteach (depending on the number of students who are struggling). Check the Curriculum tab to hone in on the specific alignment lessons that should be the focus of the reteach/review.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new CCSS data view, or anything related to your Knowre Math implementation, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Want to see this new CCSS data view in action?

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