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The Launch of Knowre Math for iPad is Here!

Posted by Bara Levitt on 9/5/19 1:20 PM
Bara Levitt

The Knowre Math iPad app is now available for download on the App Store.

Knowre Math for iPad transports students into a math learning environment that has been intentionally designed to support and engage them.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Curriculum on the Knowre Math app spans Grade 1 through Algebra 2. The lessons in each curriculum are comprised of instructional videos and intentionally sequenced practice and application questions which include interactive in-question supports.

      (Students would answer this problem by moving the base ten blocks)           

Knowre Math iPad

(Students would answer this problem by moving the clock hands)   

Knowre Math iPad

Targeted Support

As students engage in solving math questions, they have access to in-depth support at their fingertips. Knowre Math for iPad includes Knowre’s Walk Me Through support. Unlike static hints, students actively engage in the Walk Me Through by answering questions at every step along the way. This process addresses and fills learning gaps within the context of the question the student is solving. With a tap, students can also view short, targeted videos focused on the exact skills they are working on.

Integrated Scratch Pad

With the integrated scratch pad, students don’t need to be tethered to a desk with a pencil and paper to engage with Knowre Math. This is especially helpful in flexible classroom environments where students don’t always have paper and pencils in front of them. 

Handwriting Recognition

Answer entry is a breeze. With a finger or stylus, students can write their answers directly on the screen. Handwriting is automatically converted into text and displayed in the answer box for seamless answer submission.

(The scratch pad feature turns the screen into space to work)   

Knowre Math iPad

(The answer box features handwriting recognition)

Knowre Math iPad  


Continuous feedback is provided to students using Knowre Math. Coins, stars, and color-coding help students to quickly identify which skills they need to continue practicing. Students are also asked to reflect on their level of confidence on lesson skills. This self-reflection adds another layer of insight into a student’s learning journey. 

Teacher Data

As students work through Knowre Math, teachers are able to view real-time progress and achievement data on their Teacher Dashboard. Designed to be easy to read and actionable, the Dashboard supports teachers as they work with students one-on-one or in small groups. 

The data shown on the Dashboard includes the unique Knowre Success Score (KSS), which measures individual student achievement as a function of the support used to solve a problem. Instead of viewing student achievement as simply correct or incorrect, teachers can now understand how much support students are utilizing to reach correct answers. This score is extremely helpful in identifying students who need to continue practicing in order to independently solve problems in a lesson.

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