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Best Practices for using Knowre Math within Hybrid Learning Models

Posted by Bara Levitt on 8/31/20 1:00 PM
Bara Levitt

Knowre Math LogoWhen using Knowre Math in a hybrid learning environment students should use the program when they are working separately from their teacher. During times when students and teachers are together, we recommend using the data provided on the Teacher Dashboard to drive work with individual students or the whole class. 

Frequency of Use:

While frequency will very much be driven by each school’s hybrid learning schedule, we strongly recommend that students use Knowre Math at least 1 time a week. If your school is utilizing a staggered schedule due to COVID-19, Knowre Math can be assigned for the days when students will not physically be in school. 

Selection of Content:

In this implementation model students should advance through the curriculum based on the assignments provided to them from their teacher. Teachers can select lessons that closely align to what is currently being worked on during in-class sessions or choose to assign lessons that will introduce new topics to students. When assigning new topics, teachers should remind students of the importance of watching lesson and in-question support videos as these resources will be key for students when engaging with new topics independently. In instances where students need remediation or acceleration, utilizing the Assignments tab will allow for teachers to differentiate lesson assignments according to individual student needs.

What Teachers are Doing:

  • Determining which topics students will be working on.
  • Assigning Lessons and Targeted 10’s to students through the Assignments tab of their Teacher Dashboard.
  • Once students have begun working, teachers should use available data to plan lessons, reteaching, interventions and opportunities for extension. Since students are engaging with a portion of their learning online, other time is freed up during in-person class time for other learning activities.

What Students are Doing:

  • Engaging independently with math topics via Knowre Math. As students move independently through the lessons they should rely on the Video and Walk Me Through support features, immediate feedback, and lesson summary reports to stay on track. 
  • Using feedback information to help them determine where to continue practicing and when to ask for help.
  • Cultivating persistence and independent learning skills. 

Data in Action:

In this learning environment the Teacher Dashboard becomes critically important as it is a core driver of the work that teachers and students do when working together. Data can be viewed both on an individual and collective basis. The “Most Frequently Retried Questions” information on the Insights tab is one helpful resource for identifying skills that need to be reviewed. Each skill can be clicked on in order to see a sample problem. The Assignments tab and the custom date option on the Students tab will also be helpful in monitoring the work that students are doing on their own. 

If you have any questions or need any support getting started, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We are here to help!

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