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3 Ways to Promote and Celebrate Digital Learning Day

Posted by Sam Cressman on 2/27/20 3:15 AM
Sam Cressman
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Today, February 27th, marks the ninth annual celebration of Digital Learning Day.

According to the Digital Learning Day organization, "Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live."


With both digital and blended learning increasing every year, it has never been more important to consider how technology, in partnership with teachers, can help improve student outcomes.

Below are 3 ways to promote and celebrate Digital Learning Day in your classroom.

3 Ways to Promote and Celebrate Digital Learning Day:

1. Attend an Official Event

Digital Learning Day has an official event map displaying all of the schools/districts/official events taking place based on location. You can also register your own event and add a marker to the map.

2. Spend Digital Learning Day Focusing on Digital Learning

Digital Learning Day's website includes directories of free digital toolsonline resources, and lesson plans. Consider using a few minutes during this day to explore a new digital tool or resource, or have students share some of their favorites. 

3. Share your Technology Integration Strategies on Social Media

Digital Learning Day recommends using #DLDay on Facebook and Twitter, and their website includes downloadable graphics and sample posts to help get you started.

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